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Fran has authored two bestselling books and continues to create insightful articles and blogs.

Published Books


Converting the fairytales of network marketing to success that pays more than money

This bestselling book rocked to the top of the Amazon best seller list in all its three categories when first released and continued to hold the top spot for many months. It takes a refreshing look at how to build a network marketing business in our fast-changing world. In the well-researched book Fran shares many personal stories of how her network marketing business became the fastest growing in its sector, as well as drawing on insightful research into changing trends and markets. Available on Amazon


14 Inspiring business leaders share their highest-level thinking and leadership advice

After the success of her first book, Fran was invited to contribute to this collection of articles from global leaders. The book became an international bestseller reaching #1 on Amazon in several categories across the globe in many territories including the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Fran's area of expertise featured in the book was about how business can excel with a socially good purpose at their heart. Available on Amazon


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