INSIGHT - Surviving Coronavirus forced Agile Working

insight mentoring Mar 09, 2020

How do organisations keep their people engaged and motivated when they are working from home and social distancing? How do we keep the essential human connection and culture if everyone is dispersed? When emails and awkward online meetings won’t quite cut it, how are we all going to look out for each other and make sure we are all still working as a team?

The solution lies in a carefully designed mentoring programmes that becomes the web to connect people, in a way that still feels human. Good mentoring is more than just a natter over coffee, it is about employees looking out for each other, holding each other accountable, setting and achieving goals together and staying connected.

Imagine a workforce where, without having to invest in expensive coaches and motivators;

  • Every employee knows that someone is invested in their progress.
  • They have a written action plan and are working towards a set goal that is aligned with their organisation’s goal. Those goals are tracked and refreshed on a regular basis.
  • Someone will call them regularly to check on their progress and help hold them accountable.
  • They have access to lived experience and wisdom of their colleagues.
  • Managers and leaders still have time to progress work-streams and strategies knowing that their teams are engaged and connected.
  • Employees feel a sense of belonging and experience the company culture from someone who is an embodiment of it.
  • Employees who become mentors get the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and feel their own sense of satisfaction and engagement.
  • Above all everyone feels connected and motivated to continue their role, even if agile working is forced upon them.

Mentors who are trained to feel confident and competent to follow an efficient system are able to provide the human connection and accountability that will be needed now and in the future, as agile working expands or is forced upon us.

Coronavirus is expected to be disrupting us for many more months to come, whilst no one can predict the full impact, what we can do is prepare. We can empower the most valuable assets that can already be found in every business; its people. Creating a web of effective mentoring we will be building in the robust resilience for this and future challenges.

What do to next?

  • Decide how your mentoring programme is going to work - we use the 5 P's of Mentoring to develop a framework that considers the Purpose, People, Practicalities, Protection and Promotion of a mentoring programme.
  • Produce a mentoring framework document to explain how the programme will work and share that within your organisation.
  • Identify and match mentors and mentees. Ideally provide some basic online training
  • Structure the mentoring so that it follows a structure and process where mentors contract with mentees at the start and agree a goal, time-frame and frequency of contact.
  • Support regular by time effective and meaningful conversations that keep everyone connected.
  • Measure the impact and continually develop your mentoring programme as your commercial needs and environment evolve.

This is just the beginning

Coronavirus, as frustrating as it may be from a business perspective, it is giving us a stark glimpse into the future of agile working. With the digital transformations of our workplaces most of us have been experiencing the beginnings of a new working culture. One that sees our human capital displaced and agile working from remote locations becoming more common.

Up until now that displacement has been driven by organisational choice, or in response opportunities created through an increasingly flexible working environment. However, Coronavirus may turn agile working from an optional arrangement into an essential one. For a time, it may even become the norm. Now is the time to act to safeguard your organisation for the future.

Want to learn more?

Goal 17’s deliver award winning mentoring solutions. Our programme design and online training will quickly and effectively equip your people to start mentoring immediately. We are already working with clients wanting to engage urgent programmes to support agile working. We are offering a limited number of free consultations to discuss mentoring options in light of the Coronavirus isolation. Contact us immediately if you want one of these limited places. Email us at


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