INSIGHT - Might you be losing confidence through lockdown?

insight inspiration women May 24, 2020

Might you be losing confidence through lockdown?

Anyone else got that funny feeling that you can’t wait for social distancing to be over yet at the same time the thought of it completely petrifies you!?

As we end Mental Health Awareness Week the impact on our mental fitness is at the forefront of my mind.

Social Distancing is going to leave its mark in so many ways. Not least the confidence of some of us #femalefounders.
Putting ourselves out there at the best of times can be daunting enough... now after months of limited adult contact, the thought could be sending shivers down your spine! 😟

So here are 5 ways that I am trying to keep my confidence high and that you can try too:

 Sounds silly but still getting dressed and putting makeup on (well dressed top half at least!). Amazing how you present yourself can give you a confidence boost.

 despite zoom fatigue kicking in, I am making sure I still have video face to face meetings where I can. I’ve noticed how many people are saying “let’s just talk on the phone”, and not bothering with the video part. Yes, it’s easier to just talk but there is so much about communication that comes through body language. Keeping these human interactions going will make a huge difference to our confidence in the long run.

 I am finding new ways to push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to connecting with people. Last week I held a 5-day challenge which meant I had to go live every day. This has been a huge boost. People were expecting me each day and I had put it out to the world, so I couldn’t wimp out! My audience held me accountable and it was so good for the soul (if a little uncomfortable at first). What could you do to throw yourself into more contact with people?

 Write a list and explore your own value and strengths. We did this in our challenge last week and it was hugely powerful for everybody to realise just how much value they bring to the World and the people around them. Also sharing this with others is a hugely empowering and a big confidence booster.

 Finally, still finding time to be kind to me, to care for myself. It can be so easy to let our health and care routines slip but now we need them more than ever.


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