INSIGHT - How the nimbleness of your small business can give you power over the big Corporates

Stand up and take note, the way forward is for socially responsible businesses.


At least that is what the CEO of Black Rock believes. Laurence D Fink is one of the most influential investors in the world. It’s fair to say he knows his stuff and has his finger on the pulse. Last month he wrote to the chief executives of the world’s largest public companies insisting that if they focus solely on profits their future will be limited. He calls for all companies to ensure they contribute to society and serve a social purpose.


Why is this relevant to the small business owner practicing connection marketing? This is yet more evidence of the tidal wave of change we are seeing across the world. This is not just Fink’s personal mission, he clarifies that “society demands this”. The communities we live in and the customers we serve all want to see this change.


Read the full article from the New York Times here -


Small businesses don’t just have to keep up with the big corporates; they have the power to lead the way. It is going to take time for big companies to turn around and change their profit-focused culture which has existed for decades. The nimbleness of small companies gives them a competitive advantage. As a small business owner, you could decide and begin to implement changes today. You will then be ahead of the curve and can make a real impact in the world.


Never before have normal people like you and I had such an amazing opportunity to make an impact in the world. Before, the world was dominated by the large corporates. Now, using technology resources and real human connection, the world can be dominated by us. Dominated by a rising tide of individuals committed to doing something great with their small business. We need to appreciate that what we have might seem like ‘a little home-based business’, but it is actually an incredible powerful vehicle.  


So, let's work together and start to lead the way forward… please share your ideas of how you can use your small business to become more socially responsible.


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