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insight network marketing Feb 09, 2018

My vision is to change the network marketing industry so that we can really harness the power of what we have.


While I have been very fortunate to always see continued, steady growth in my business, over the last couple of years it would be fair to say it has been a little more restrained. The numbers were still going up, but the momentum had slowed and the buzz was dwindling. At first, I thought it was just me but the more I looked round at our industry, the more I saw this reflected amongst other leaders.


I decided to take a step back, and what I saw started to answer a lot of questions. In today’s fast changing world most companies know they must evolve at least every 2 to 3 years… but it feels like we have been stagnant for an age.


For me, the last big transition was when we decided to become a profession and skill up. I remember Eric Worre’s ‘Go Pro’ feeling like it really moved us forward. But that was 2013… 5 years ago! Yes, there have been new ideas but it doesn’t feel like we have really evolved.


In my search for answers I decided that I wasn’t going to find them in our industry. We needed to expand our horizons and look further afield. For the last 18 months I have immersed myself in other industries. I have infiltrated groups of influencers from all sorts of organisation and started looking at what some of the best companies in the world are doing.


A stark, harsh reality hit me. We appeared so antiquated. The world has changed and we have not kept up. We have been so fearful that we might ‘distract’ people with the next ‘shiny thing’ that we stopped moving forward. The laws of physics state that everything is always in motion. If you are not moving forward, then by default you are moving backwards. In the case of network marketing we might have tried to keep moving, but have definitely got left behind.


Originally when I started this quest I was searching just for my business, but what I found is too valuable to keep to myself. This could help not just me and my team. It would be so much more effective if we all moved forward together, as an industry.  


While my commitment to my business is stronger than it has ever been, I now also have a passion to help move our industry forward. I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I want to start the conversation. I believe what we have in our industry is incredibly valuable and perfectly suited to the world we live in, but we are not serving it to that world in the way it needs to receive it.


One of my realisations was that the power in our industry comes from real human connection. It is both the measure and reward for our success. That connection is not just for our prospects and our teams, we need to connect as an industry. My vision is to unite our industry, start sharing ideas, start challenging the status quo, and start moving forward together.


Over the coming months I want to start sharing my findings, pulling us together in one united community and begin moving forward as one. I hope you will join me in a new world of Connection Marketing. 


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