Fran Boorman

Named the UK's Number 1 Female Business Influencer by Global Woman




Fran Boorman

Named the UK's Number 1 Female Business Influencer by Global Woman

"Business for Good is Good for Business"


Fran is an award-winning business leader, founder of Goal 17 Ltd, an award-winning social enterprise, and she is the creator of The Prove It Method.

In 2019 she was named Global Woman’s Number 1 Female Business Influencer for the work she had done in helping thousands of people fulfil their passion with home-based businesses, regardless of their experience or if they had tied down their ‘big idea’.

Fran has built her own multi-million-pound turnover businesses around two young children and is known for creating enterprises that become profitable in their first month and award-winning market leaders within 12 months.

She has been inducted into a supervisory board to the UK Government to progress Women in Enterprise, is a regular contributor on BBC Radio and has been featured in Forbes amongst other leading publications for her work and influence.

Fran is on a mission to help lead more people into profitable and successful enterprises that have purpose. Her belief is that “Business for Good is Good for Business”.

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What is the Prove It Method?

Most businesses and founders are stuck on the brink of success. PROVE IT tips them over the edge!

You have a great product, service, personal skill or idea - but how do you make people line up to buy from you, to turn that value into a wildly successful business? How do you stand out and get people to notice just how much you could help them? 

It’s not about having a better social media strategy or slicker networking pitch… it’s not about launching a podcast or gaining more followers…

It's time to take the chance out of your business success and start to PROVE IT

True business success is less about grit and volume and more about following a systematic, evidence-based process that nudges you into a market leading position where customers are attracted to you like a magnetic force. It’s about unleashing your true strengths and aligning them perfectly with your customers struggles to create an authentic business that stands out and draws your ideal client to you.

The PROVE IT Method takes you through the 5-stage process to prove your Strengths, prove your customer’s STRUGGLES, prove an suite of irresistible SOLUTIONS, create SOCIAL PROOF that does the speaking for you and ultimately prove yourSELF.