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INSIGHT - Network Marketing: From Wealth Creation to Social Mobility, From Milk Cart to Tesla

insight network marketing May 04, 2019

Network Marketing, it's a global industry generating $180bn of revenues every year and engaging 130 million people, yet most don't even understand what it is, including many of those who are involved in it. Perhaps it's because Network Marketing was ahead of its time, and perhaps because it's now playing catch up!


All across the world, every day, millions of Network Marketers are talking to people they know about wealth creation. Like over excited puppies they are sharing with their friends and acquaintances how they have found a vehicle that enables them to make money – but something doesn’t add up. Why are they so excited? You don’t see ‘normal people’ jumping up and down with the same enthusiasm when their employer announces a new vacant position at their firm.


No, this excitement is because Network Marketing is not about wealth creation, it is about social mobility and understanding this important shift changes they way we all perceive...

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INSIGHT - The Rise of Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing in India

insight network marketing Feb 18, 2019

China is often thought of as the fastest growing economy in the world. However, in the latter part of 2017 Forbes magazine reported that the growth of the Indian economy was overtaking China. India is beginning to boom and the Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing / MLM industry needs to take note.


Over the last 12 months the number one ‘query search’ on Google relating to MLM was “Top MLM companies in India”. This specific search grew in excess of 5000% over that period


The search for ‘Network Marketing’ saw the second top ‘query search’ being “Future of Network Marketing in India”.

For Network Marketing companies working in foreign territories, now is the time to step up and take note of India. With a population of 1.35 billion people, what an exciting economy to be part of.


What should you do about this?

If you already have a Network Marketing business, firstly, don’t get swept...

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NEWS - Overwhelming Response to the Launch of 'Connection Marketing'

network marketing news Feb 24, 2018

Wow, what a week. I am completely overwhelmed an incredibly grateful to so many people for showing such amazing support for the launch of my book, Connection Marketing. The book has rocketed in sales to become a best seller in its two man categories and appears to be holding this position.


I find this so incredibly exciting, but not for me, for us. The book is all about seeing a change in our industry and moving forward together. Each person  buying the book is buying into being part of that change. I am so excited about more and more people joining the Connection Marketing Community so this becomes less and less about me and more about all of us together. Moving forward together.


Thank you so much once again to everyone for their support. Let this journey begin.


Fran xxx


If you would like to buy the book please go to:

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INSIGHT - My Vision: To change the network marketing industry and harness its real power... Connection

insight network marketing Feb 09, 2018

My vision is to change the network marketing industry so that we can really harness the power of what we have.


While I have been very fortunate to always see continued, steady growth in my business, over the last couple of years it would be fair to say it has been a little more restrained. The numbers were still going up, but the momentum had slowed and the buzz was dwindling. At first, I thought it was just me but the more I looked round at our industry, the more I saw this reflected amongst other leaders.


I decided to take a step back, and what I saw started to answer a lot of questions. In today’s fast changing world most companies know they must evolve at least every 2 to 3 years… but it feels like we have been stagnant for an age.


For me, the last big transition was when we decided to become a profession and skill up. I remember Eric Worre’s ‘Go Pro’ feeling like it really moved us forward. But that was 2013…...

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