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NEWS - Fran Presenting Alongside Harry Redknapp

news sport May 03, 2019

Goal 17's Founder, Fran Boorman, was invited to present the work of Goal17 to 150 business leaders in Manchester alongside footballing legend and king of the jungle, Harry Redknapp. Sharing the stage with such an epic icon in recognition of the way we are using football to create a social impact. During the evening guests heard about the Goal 17 EMBED Programme and how corporate companies were developing mentoring skills whilst helping homeless young people.

See recording below:




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NEWS - Goal 17 Launches - Ending Youth Homelessness Through Football and Corporate Mentoring

An exciting new social enterprise launched at Manchester United and West Ham Utd on the 17th September 2018


Goal 17 Founder, Fran Boorman, could be found roaming the streets of Manchester meeting with homeless people in the early hours of the morning on the 17th September. This was the beginning of a 36-hour launch event for an exciting new social enterprise that is predicted to generate £1m turnover in its first year. The trip also included meetings with senior management from Manchester United and West Ham United, homeless charities and ex-England Footballer, Paul Stewart.


Goal 17 is partnering with Premiership football clubs across the UK and aims to end youth homelessness by uniting vulnerable young people with corporate executive mentors. The enterprise will deliver an innovative corporate events package that empowers companies to get tangible value from their corporate social responsibility.



Through its partnership with the West Ham,...

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INSIGHT - What I learned from growing up with a Winter Olympian

insight inspiration sport Feb 17, 2018

As we watch the Winter Olympics in awe this week let us not forget what we are really celebrating… we are celebrating ‘overnight successes’ that took lifetimes to build!


It is easy to feel that what creates success is an athlete crossing the finish line first, but this is just symbolic. What we are actually celebrating is thousands of little things that we never see. Success is not created in front of stadiums full of people, it is created when no one is watching.


I was incredibly lucky to experience this first hand as a teenager when I found myself in a secondary school class with a bubbly, energetic girl called Chemmy Alcott. Chemmy went on to compete in four Winter Olympics and get some of the best results Great Britain has ever seen in skiing.


On our first day at school Chemmy wasn’t hopelessly rearranging her new stationary like the rest of us, she was focused on doing some of those ‘little things’ that would...

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