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INSIGHT - Creating An Online Training Product for your Busienss

insight inspiration women Jun 07, 2020

In March this year I run a live training session for my coaching clients taking them behind the scenes and showing them how we had set up a hugely successful Online Training Programme for my business Goal 17. 

Our award-winning training now generates more revenues for the business than any other product or service and has proved hugely popular.

To help others emulate this success I took them through a step-by-step process to start their own online training.

We are now offering a recording of this training for FREE, which you can download. 

[CLIKC HERE to access the free training]

In this training you will learn:

  • Find out how to design the right course for your market that customers will want to buy
  • Discover the step-by-step process to quickly producing a profitable online course using just your phone and some basic software.
  • How to get help and take the next steps and start building your online course today.

Access this exclusive recording now: [CLIKC...

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INSIGHT - Might you be losing confidence through lockdown?

insight inspiration women May 24, 2020

Might you be losing confidence through lockdown?

Anyone else got that funny feeling that you can’t wait for social distancing to be over yet at the same time the thought of it completely petrifies you!?

As we end Mental Health Awareness Week the impact on our mental fitness is at the forefront of my mind.

Social Distancing is going to leave its mark in so many ways. Not least the confidence of some of us #femalefounders.
Putting ourselves out there at the best of times can be daunting enough... now after months of limited adult contact, the thought could be sending shivers down your spine! 

So here are 5 ways that I am trying to keep my confidence high and that you can try too:

 Sounds silly but still getting dressed and putting makeup on (well dressed top half at least!). Amazing how you present yourself can give you a confidence boost.

 despite zoom fatigue kicking in, I am making sure I still have video face to face meetings where I can....

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NEWS - UK’s Top Influencer and Notable Female Figures to Sleep Rough After Awards Ceremony

inspiration news women Jul 07, 2019

The UK’s Top Influencer, a BBC Radio Presenter and women who are World Leaders in their field, will be sleeping rough after a glitzy awards dinner to launch #PurposeOverPouts; an exciting campaign to inspire future generations of girls to have better role models.


13th July see the Global Woman Summit come to the UK for the first time. This international event recognises women from around the World who inspire and lead change. The two-day summit culminates in a star-studded Gala Dinner attended by celebrities and female leaders from across the globe. The UK contingent plan to use this event as a launch pad to raise awareness of homelessness and a new breed of women who want to make a difference.



In May 2019 award-winning entrepreneur, Fran Boorman, was announced at the UKs number 1 influencer after dedicated work building multi-million-pound businesses that effect positive social change, alongside influencing policy and attitudes towards women’s...

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NEWS - UK’s Top Influencer to Sleep Rough After Awards Ceremony

event inspiration news women May 28, 2019

Entrepreneurial Single Mum is Named Global Woman’s Top UK Influencer and Vows to Sleep Rough After the Global Woman Summit to Inspire Future Generations of Girls to Have #PurposeOverPouts


A combination of a fierce public vote and stringent judging panel saw Kent based mum of two, Fran Boorman, announced (on 27th May) as the UKs Top Influencer by Global Woman – an international organisation that empowers and recognises leaders of change across the globe.


Fran is not a typical ‘Influencer’ with a perfectly laid out Instagram account, instead she is recognised as creating influence through action; leading award-winning businesses with strong social purposes and representing women’s views in the media and Parliament.


On hearing of her initial nomination in April 2019 Fran shared how this symbolised a shift in what the public wants from influencers. “There is a real hunger for better role models for the younger generations of...

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NEWS - Shift of Influencers to Purpose over Pouts

inspiration news women Apr 29, 2019

Think of a female influencer and you probably have the image of some gorgeous sun-kissed babe holding the camera at the perfect angle to reveal an enviable pouty pose. Not a single mum, crouched on the floor by the tumble drier folding her little one’s undies, with ruffled hair and fashioning trusty PJ bottoms! However, what if the world is just starting to get that bit more real!?


It was the Tuesday evening before the kids go back to school after the Easter Holidays, and that second image was me, wishing I had been slightly more diligent at the start of the holidays getting the PE kits ready! Making the most of the mundane I was listening to a pod cast whilst paring socks when my phone started buzzing. It had just been announced online that I had been selected as one of the top 6 female influencer from the UK by the Global Woman Movement.


Overcoming my slight embarrassment of such a flattering honour, I have reflected and found excitement and hope - perhaps we...

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INSIGHT - How Theresa May – a Female PM - Showed Why Women Fail at Equality

insight women Mar 08, 2019

It's International Women’s day 2019 and we have a female Prime minister. We should feel proud but we end up disappointed and frustrated, again! Why? Because May is more focused on fighting for her own female power that raising up other women. How can expect men to support equality when we can’t even support ourselves.


Let’s set the scene, its 8th March, a press conference in Grimsby and the room is packed full of workers and press. Theresa May gets to choose from an array of journalists to take questions. 6 are male, and just 1 female is invited to speak. May is publicly challenged on this and her response is “they were answered by a female Prime-minister”. She is applauded. Her response is understandable, but wrong. The audience’s applause in understandable, but wrong.


The struggle to achieve and maintain a leadership role as a female is brutal. Just look at the abuse May - or “stupid woman” as Jeremy Corbyn likes to...

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INSIGHT - 10 Essential Tips to Building a Business with Babes

insight women Aug 08, 2018

The women of today are pioneering a whole new breed of motherhood. One where, out of both necessity and desire, we turn our backs on the ‘stay at home’ dreams of our own mothers. We find ourselves as the first generation really having no choice but to decode the juggle of being mums who earn.


The Stats:

According to the Office of National Statistics, last year a whopping 73.7% of women with dependent children were working*. This is a number that has surged in recent years. Due to inflexible working environments many employers appear unable to utilise the amazing resources of these women. This is creating a steady increase in the number of ladies starting their own enterprises. The Federation of Small Business reported a 40% rise in self-employed women since 2008**.


My story of business around babes:

I am one of those women. Whilst independently raising my two little whirlwinds I have built a multimillion pound business and served on large company boards....

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INSIGHT - Why every kid needs to rock out at a music festival in their pyjamas!

insight inspiration women Jul 03, 2018

“You have to learn how to do these sums in your head, when your older you are not going to have a calculator in your pocket all the time”. Well we showed them! The maths teachers of the 80’s had the best intentions when they drilled us on additions and multiplications but as it turns out the world changed. Not only do we carry calculators but so many tools and information it makes the whole set up of our school education look slightly pointless!


Its an incredibly exciting, and yet sometimes scary, time to be alive with so much dynamic change. However, as a mother I can’t help but wonder what world we are sending our children in to. Through the work I do with businesses I see so many organisations embracing change. Looking at my children’s school education I can’t help but feel how outdated the whole system is.


The reality is that, whilst I am still not brave enough to draw my beliefs away from the importance of reading and writing,...

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INSIGHT - Women – stop fighting for equality!

insight women Mar 08, 2018

For me, International Women’s Day is not about burning our bras and fighting for equality - it’s about challenging the way both men and women see the world and realising that women shouldn’t want to be equal to men!


Yes, there are injustices, there are fights that we need to fight in parts of the world where women are marginalised. However, for those of us living in developed communities we need to get real about what the problem really is. I don’t believe it is inequality, I believe is mis-assignment of roles and missed opportunities. We shouldn’t be fighting for equality we should be fighting for positioning.


The cold hard truth is that men and women are different. It is scientifically proven that - in general -our brains function in different ways. If we are so different why would we want equality… what we should want is difference, what we should want is being rewarded for the huge value that we really have.


Over the last...

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