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NEW - Fran's Company, Goal 17, Named in the Top 20 "Most Exciting and Impactful"

Leading Investment Firm, Smith&Williams, name Goal 17 in their Top 20 of "The Most Exciting and Impactful Emerging Companies"

Featured in 2020 edition of Enterprise Magazine, Goal 17 were highlighted for their ability to help engage and retain the best talent for their clients whilst at the same time addressing social problems.


In his opening remarks, Nick Travis, Head of Entrepreneurs, Smith & Williamson Investment Management LLP quoted Goal 17's Founder, Fran Boorman, noting that 'Business for Good is Good for Business" and highlighted that "It is increasingly unacceptable to conduct ‘bad business’. Customers and employees vote with their feet and want their time and money to be aligned with a purpose. This can translate into profits as businesses gain a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining the best talent."


Goal 17 are proud and determined to continue leading the way for a more diverse and socially...

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INSIGHT - Creating An Online Training Product for your Busienss

insight inspiration women Jun 07, 2020

In March this year I run a live training session for my coaching clients taking them behind the scenes and showing them how we had set up a hugely successful Online Training Programme for my business Goal 17. 

Our award-winning training now generates more revenues for the business than any other product or service and has proved hugely popular.

To help others emulate this success I took them through a step-by-step process to start their own online training.

We are now offering a recording of this training for FREE, which you can download. 

[CLIKC HERE to access the free training]

In this training you will learn:

  • Find out how to design the right course for your market that customers will want to buy
  • Discover the step-by-step process to quickly producing a profitable online course using just your phone and some basic software.
  • How to get help and take the next steps and start building your online course today.

Access this exclusive recording now: [CLIKC...

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INSIGHT - Might you be losing confidence through lockdown?

insight inspiration women May 24, 2020

Might you be losing confidence through lockdown?

Anyone else got that funny feeling that you can’t wait for social distancing to be over yet at the same time the thought of it completely petrifies you!?

As we end Mental Health Awareness Week the impact on our mental fitness is at the forefront of my mind.

Social Distancing is going to leave its mark in so many ways. Not least the confidence of some of us #femalefounders.
Putting ourselves out there at the best of times can be daunting enough... now after months of limited adult contact, the thought could be sending shivers down your spine! 

So here are 5 ways that I am trying to keep my confidence high and that you can try too:

 Sounds silly but still getting dressed and putting makeup on (well dressed top half at least!). Amazing how you present yourself can give you a confidence boost.

 despite zoom fatigue kicking in, I am making sure I still have video face to face meetings where I can....

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INSIGHT - Mentoring Vs Coaching – Avoid letting value to leak away from YOUR organisation?

insight mentoring Apr 06, 2020

Mentoring and Coaching are two disciplines with very similar skill-sets, both having the shared goal of improving the people within your organisation in order to better achieve your commercial objectives.

However, there are significant differences and applications. Are you making the common mistake of just focusing on Coaching and allowing value to leak away from your organisation? In this article we explore a cost and benefit comparison of Mentoring and Coaching and guide you towards unlocking your organisations hidden potential.


Coaching – A significant ongoing investment for a small number of beneficiaries

 Coaching Costs

A good coach can make a huge difference to an individual. However, getting a good quality coach often takes a significant investment. A 2019 report into UK Executive Coaching fees found that the mean average cost for a 2-hour coaching session was £1110. A basic level coach (only suitable for graduates and junior managers) costs from...

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INSIGHT - Surviving Coronavirus forced Agile Working

insight mentoring Mar 09, 2020

How do organisations keep their people engaged and motivated when they are working from home and social distancing? How do we keep the essential human connection and culture if everyone is dispersed? When emails and awkward online meetings won’t quite cut it, how are we all going to look out for each other and make sure we are all still working as a team?

The solution lies in a carefully designed mentoring programmes that becomes the web to connect people, in a way that still feels human. Good mentoring is more than just a natter over coffee, it is about employees looking out for each other, holding each other accountable, setting and achieving goals together and staying connected.

Imagine a workforce where, without having to invest in expensive coaches and motivators;

  • Every employee knows that someone is invested in their progress.
  • They have a written action plan and are working towards a set goal that is aligned with their organisation’s goal. Those goals are tracked...
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INSIGHT - The Intersection of Diversity and Mentoring to Survive the UK Skills Crisis

insight mentoring Dec 09, 2019

There is a skills crisis in the UK – Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit  and hold onto the talent they need. Key shifts in human trends are beginning to threaten the sustainability of so many businesses.


  • The UK skills gap has now reached over 870,000 unfilled jobs

  • Staff attrition cost the UK economy £6.3bn last year

  • The job tenure of younger works has plummeted – Gen Z’s average is just 2.4 years and Gen Y’s just 1.2 years


Only those who act now will survive. In our modern world, attracting, retaining and engaging the precious resource of human skills requires a whole new paradigm. It requires a framework that supports new pools of talent and new ways of working.



Companies need to spread their recruitment nets further. Many are beginning to recruit from increasingly diverse backgrounds. This brings the benefits of opening roles to new...

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NEWS - 8 Years of Celebrating Peace One Day

On this very day 8 years ago I watched a TED talk that blew my mind and inspired me to take action (and even take to twitter and Facebook! - see image below). It was Jeremy Gilley talking about Peace One Day. 

Watch the TED talk - CLICK HERE

This was the beginning of a personal journey to believe that we can all make a difference. I began to understand that to change the world around us we didn’t need to be World Leaders or even God’s; each small step forward by every individual counted. 

That year (2011) my small step forward was to stand up at a conference I was attending on the 21st of September and share what I had learned about this special annual amnesty. It was the first day I put myself out there as someone who wanted to literally stand up for what mattered. 

Roll on 8 years and that small step lead me to a place where I now dedicate my working (and much of my social) life to driving positive change through business. I live by my...

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NEWS - WhiteHat and Goal 17 Partner to Support Young People to become Future Lead

event mentoring news Aug 27, 2019

On the 3rd October WhiteHat and Goal 17 will be celebrating an exciting new partnership with a special invitation event exploring how the world of work is changing, what companies can do to introduce a generation of diverse talent and what initiatives they can put in place to increase levels of engagement and improve staff retention.




WhiteHat, a tech start-up building an outstanding alternative to university through apprenticeships, and Goal17, a leading training company supporting businesses to engage and retain the best talent through mentoring, have partnered to promote sustainable business for the future.

Goal 17 provides the UK’s number one sports-led mentoring programme for business. They match corporate clients with homeless or vulnerable young people through an inspiring mentoring programme that transforms the organisations and lives of everyone involved. Their flagship programme combines online theoretical learning, 1.5 days’...

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INSIGHT - Mentoring: The Solder That Connects The Wires On Your Organisational Circuit Board

insight mentoring Aug 07, 2019

Creating effective teams in a business is like getting an electronic circuit board working. If the leader is the spark that creates the energy, then the people are the conductive wires that shoot that force around the organisation to the different functioning components. For our theoretical ‘organisational circuit board’ to function, every wire needs to be connected. As soon as one wire is not transmitting electricity effectively the circuit board breaks down. So, what is the solder that is holding these wires and components together, ensuring a strong and reliable connection? It is Mentoring.


When most people think of mentoring the image of a seasoned executive supporting a rising star fills their imagination. However, this is like just connecting one or two of the wires on your circuit board. To experience the real benefits of mentoring a company must go beyond individual relationships and have mentoring become part of the culture – where everyone is...

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NEWS - UK’s Top Influencer and Notable Female Figures to Sleep Rough After Awards Ceremony

inspiration news women Jul 07, 2019

The UK’s Top Influencer, a BBC Radio Presenter and women who are World Leaders in their field, will be sleeping rough after a glitzy awards dinner to launch #PurposeOverPouts; an exciting campaign to inspire future generations of girls to have better role models.


13th July see the Global Woman Summit come to the UK for the first time. This international event recognises women from around the World who inspire and lead change. The two-day summit culminates in a star-studded Gala Dinner attended by celebrities and female leaders from across the globe. The UK contingent plan to use this event as a launch pad to raise awareness of homelessness and a new breed of women who want to make a difference.



In May 2019 award-winning entrepreneur, Fran Boorman, was announced at the UKs number 1 influencer after dedicated work building multi-million-pound businesses that effect positive social change, alongside influencing policy and attitudes towards women’s...

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